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A B O U T  A U S T I N   K I E F E R


Austin Kiefer is a 19-year-old pop music artist from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the great state of Texas. From a young age, Austin found inspiration in every form of music he heard. Singing constantly as a child, Austin always knew he wanted music to be a part of his life. Throughout his education, Austin took part in all the fine arts opportunities offered in his small community. In 2013, Austin wrote his first single, "WONDER", and worked with Fort Worth Sound to make the music a reality. After the song's release in early December, Evan Thompson of ISO Management contacted Austin about the possibility of growing and expanding his talents and his career. On December 8, 2013, Austin Kiefer joined with ISO Management, hoping to reach a much greater audience and continue growing as a person with his new music. Austin has since then become independent from ISO Management, however, very much appreciates the experience with Evan Thompson and ISO Management. 

Austin previously attended school in Addison Texas at Septian Entertainment where he took voice, guitar and was part of the masters program at the school.

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